British Paintings and Romanticism (Lecture and Music)

Romanticism paintings in the 19th Century hold a very important position in British art history. This lecture aims to spread an appreciation for art by offering the chance to help participants to understand the British arts, history, and the background of the British painters. A music performance will be given during the lecture.
Part1. Genealogy of British Paintings 
Introducing the British painters and their works and learn the history of British art.
Part 2. British Paintings and Romanticism 
Notable British Romantic painters and their works, as well as the Romantic music and literature will be introduced.
Music performance by Yuki Ito (Cello), Megumi Nakamura (Harp)
Programme: Chanson de Matin (Elgar) and more. 
Time: 1400-1600
Date: Saturday, 7th January 2023
Place: Bunkyo Campus, Toho College of Music Extension Centre
Price: JPY3,050(incl. text)