Book: Koyokanshu Nobechi Takayoshi no Shogaki

Eriza Nobechi (Tomoko Aoki, JBS member)
Sakura Puglishing JPY1,400(Tax excl.)
ISBN 978-4-903156-26-2
This book is about Mr. Takayoshi Nobechi who worked as a citizen diplomat from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji era. He was a Dutch scholar in Edo period, learned English in Nagasaki, and then taught English to young samurai in the Choshu clan, including the Choshu Five. He contributed to the establishment of the first girl’s school in Japan, and in 1881, he built a Guest House called “Koyokan” in Shiba, Tokyo. The guesthouse became a popular social gathering place at that time. This book looks at an important figure in Meiji era.