Afternoon Tea & Lecture “In Memory of Queen Elizabeth II: With Love and Respect”

Ms Noriko Fujiwara, a porcelain-lace-draping artist (a JBS member), made the Queen’s figurines at the time of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012. She sent some photos to the Queen and received a thank-you-letter from the Queen’s office. At this event, the special Queen’s figurines and other porcelain-lace-draping dolls as well as the letters from the Queen will be exhibited. There will also be a special lecture (in Japanese) by Prof. Naotaka Kimizuka on “Seventy Years of Queen Elizabeth: The British Monarchy of the 21st century” and afternoon tea will be served at the venue. For booking, please contact Ms Noriko Fujiwara by email: or Fax: 03-3999-5577
Time & Date: 22nd April 1300-1500
Place: Imperial Hotel Tokyo 17F “AQUA”
Price: JPY15,000