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flower Membership in the Society is open to individuals/corporates interested in the cause of Anglo-Japanese relations, and, in principle, on the recommendation of a member of the Society (for individuals only).
All applications are screened by the Board of the Society, at whose discretion new members are elected.
For those applicants who cannot obtain a recommendation from a member of the Society, please contact the Society's Secretariat by e-mail or by telephone.

For Membership in the Society, please fill in the form (download from this page), with signatures of proposer (item 9), and forward it to the Society's secretariat.

The Japan-British Society Secretariat
Address: Hibiya Kokusai Building 2-2-3 Uchisaiwaicho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 100-0011

Your application form will be reviewed at a Board Meeting, which is usually held every two months, and a letter will be sent to you acknowledging your Membership, together with a request for the annual subscription, which will be as follows:
Membership Dues1 April to 31 March in the following year
For those joining between Oct. and March, for the first year only
< Individual Membership >
Ordinary Members 10,000    5,000
Family Member (husband and wife) 12,000    6,000
Junior Member (under 30 years old) 5,000    2,500
Junior Family Member  7,000    3,500
Life Member
Life Family Member
< Corporate Membership >    
Corporate Member 100,000 (1 unit)  
Corporate member can register 5 Nominees for 1unit

Please select an appropriate application form for your membership.
Application form for Individual Membership
Application form for Corporate Membership

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