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UPDATED 2016-7-25 15:00:02

The Pembroke Players came to Japan in September and October to perform Romeo & Juliet.
The Junior Group has organised a special theatre event.

Date: Saturday, 1st October 2016
Time: 1400-1530 (doors open at 1330)
Place: Hibiya Library and Museum B1F Hall
Price: Junior Members / Students JPY2,000  Members / Guests JPY2,500

UPDATED 2016-7-25 14:59:35

The Daiwa Scholarship is a unique programme offering young and talented UK citizens the opportunity to acquire Japanese language skills, and to gain expertise and knowledge relevant to their career goals.
The Junior Group held a BBQ party to welcome the Daiwa Scholars arrived in September. 90 members and their guests enjoyed the BBQ party.

Date: Friday, 23rd September 2016
Time: 1900-2100 (reception opens at 1845)
Price: Junior JPY3,500  Members JPY4,000  Guests JPY5,000 *Please pay at the venue.

UPDATED 2016-7-25 14:58:41

As announced in the General Meeting report, Mr Takashi Tsukamoto has taken over as Chairman of the Society from Mr Yoshiji Nogami, who served in the post from March 2009 to June this year.

Many members attended the reception to thank Mr Nogami for his long and dedicated service, and to welcome Mr Tsukamoto as our new Chairman.

Date: Thursday, 8th September 2016
Time: 1900-2100 (reception opens at 1830)
Place: The Bankers Club (1-3-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku)
Price: Members JPY8,000 Guests JPY10,000
Dress: Cool Biz

UPDATED 2016-7-25 14:58:14

Mr Hisaki Shintaku, Editor-in-chief of the “RSVP” magazine ( talked about the popular UK tours he arranges.
Participants also were treated to tea and cakes at a cosy cafe in Nihonbashi.

Date: Friday, 26th August 2016
Time: 1400-1600 (reception opens at 1345)
Place: Tiny Tria Tearoom (2-20-2 Nihonbashi Ningyocho)
Price: Members JPY2,500 Guests JPY3,000

UPDATED 2016-6-21 10:25:07

The Society held another summer cocktail party jointly with the BCCJ and Tokyo Chamber of Commerce. This year the venue is at Hilton Tokyo Bay hotel.

Date: Thursday, 21st July 2016
Time: 1830-2030 hours *Door opens at 1800
Place: Hilton Tokyo Bay
1F lounge
Dress: British (red, white, blue) /summer party/ strictly cool biz
Fee: Members JPY6,500 Guests JPY8,500

UPDATED 2016-6-21 10:23:28

Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum opened in 2010 after the recreation of the historic building of Mitsubishi Ichigokan, which was designed by Josiah Conder and completed by Mitsubishi in 1894.
There has been a photo exhibition on Julia Margaret Cameron, who was one of the most important and innovative photographers of the 19th century.
The Society arranged a visit to this exhibition and had tea at the museum cafe 1894.

Date: Wednesday, 13th July 2016
Time: 1530-1730 hours
Place: Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum, Tokyo
Price: Members JPY2,000 Guests JPY3,000 incl. Museum ticket, tea/coffee and cake
*Beer and snack option available.

UPDATED 2016-5-27 17:59:34

JBS held a Charity Raffle party to raise money for the relief effort for the Kumamoto Earthquake.
All the proceeds of the sale of raffle tickets (JPY500 per ticket) went to a charity for Earthquake relief.

There were various UK related prizes, including an autographed book by Sir Ian McKellen (known as Gandalf of The Lord of the Rings) who kindly donated it for this event.
Some sandwiches, scones and drinks were prepared and participants enjoyed the tea party.

Date: Saturday, 2nd July 216
Time: 1400-1600hrs (Door opens at 1345)
Place: Nippon Foundation
Price: Junior JPY2,000、Members and Guests JPY3,000
    (incl. 1 raffle ticket) Please pay at the venue.

We donated JPY70,000 to Nippon Foundation, and JPY70,000 to the Save the Children Japan.

UPDATED 2016-5-27 17:57:52

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of its foundation, a series of special exhibitions was held at Idemitsu Museum of Arts in Marunouchi.
The Society had a special gallery tour thanks to the kind cooperation by Dr. Sachiko Idemitsu (a JBS Member).
There was a lecture on the exhibition “Edo no hanayagi” followed by a guided tour in English.

Date: Monday, 4th July 2016
Time: 1400-1530hrs (Door opens at 1345)
Place: Idemitsu Museum of Arts
Price: Members JPY1,000 Guests JPY1,500

UPDATED 2016-5-27 17:56:46

Pursuant to Article 14 (Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting) and 15 (Convocation) of the constitution, the Society held a General Meeting on Wednesday, 22nd June at the Conference Square M+ in Marunouchi. At the conclusion of the official business there was a cocktail party.

Date & Time: 1900 hours on Wednesday, 22nd June 2016
Place: Conference Square M+
Price: Free of charge (Members only)

UPDATED 2016-4-28 14:42:47

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Beatrix Potter who wrote and illustrated the famous “Peter Rabbit” stories.
An exhibition on Peter Rabbit will take place at “Bunkamura The Museum” in Shibuya this summer.

Professor Yoshihide Kawano of Daito Bunka University gave a lecture in Japanese on the life of Beatrix Potter and the forthcoming exhibition.

Date: Friday, 24th June 2016
Time: 1900-2030hrs Door opens at 1845
Place:  Hibiya Library and Museum  
Price: Members JPY1,500、Guests JPY2,000

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